The Christian’s Attitude Toward Unity


Preface What is your attitude toward unity with your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ? That is, what is your mindset toward being at peace and being one with those who have also been redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ? Do you view unity as being an important part of Christianity? Do you recognize that you have personal ...

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What Is The Difference Between Temptation And Sin?


Preface               What is the difference between temptation and sin? There are many who experience guilt over the fact that they have been tempted – even when they have not done anything to violate the will of God. Furthermore, if temptation is the same as sin, there is no use resisting temptation. So, does the Bible make any kind of ...

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A Christian Is A Partaker Of Every Spiritual Blessing


Preface What does it mean to be a Christian? Being a Christian means a great deal. Fortunately, God has given us all the information we need to know about what being a Christian really means. As we study His saving message, we discover that a Christian is a partaker of every spiritual blessing. Study this lesson by using the downloadable ...

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The Christian’s Attitude Toward The Past


Preface             What is your attitude toward the past? That is, what is your mindset toward the things that have happened in your life that you can never go back and change? Do you view the past from a Biblical perspective? Or, do you allow the past to frequently hinder the way you live your life presently? Everyone has a ...

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What Should The Christian Do Whenever He Sins?


Preface What should the Christian do whenever he sins? The Christian has been forgiven of his sins whenever he became a Christian. Yet, when the Christian sins against God after that time, what can he do to be forgiven again? Let’s investigate. Study this lesson by using the downloadable material, video, and audio below! Click here if you have any ...

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Daily Discipleship


Preface A disciple is someone who learns from, imitates, and follows a master. Acts 11:26 says that it was those who were disciples of Jesus Christ who were first called “Christians.” Therefore, Christians and disciples are one-in-the-same. They are students of Jesus Christ. They try to imitate Jesus Christ. They try to follow Jesus Christ. Anywhere. Everywhere. All of the ...

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Finding Your Family’s “Why?”


Preface Why does your family exist on this earth? Why does your family exist on this earth at this particular point in time? Can you define the reason for your family’s existence? Are you still searching for the true purpose of your family? Or, perhaps you thought you had found your family’s purpose – but, you still feel like it ...

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What Is The Difference Between The Universal And Local Church?


Preface               What is the difference between the “universal” and the “local” church? Whenever you read the Bible, you read about the word “church” being used in various ways. Sometimes it is singular. Sometimes it is plural. Sometimes it seems to just be used in reference to a local group of people. Sometimes it is used in a very broad ...

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What Happens After Death? (Lesson 4: Be Ready!)


Preface             What happens after death? Consider some of what we have established up to this point in our study. (1) Mankind possesses a soul that survives physical death. That is, this soul will live on after we experience physical death. (2) Physical death is a certainty. Though you don’t know when your physical death will take place, you can ...

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Lessons From The Story Of Noah


Preface             Noah is one of the most identifiable people in all of the Bible. Most people are familiar with his story about how God became so angry with the wickedness that had filled the world at the time that God determined He would destroy everyone who was living on the earth. That is, everyone except Noah and Noah’s family ...

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